The branding agency assigned to Rishi Sunak’s latest rebrand has come under fire after its pitch deck was LEAKED to us at the Daily Shame.

In the deck, the agency proposes FOUR new Rishi Rebrands, including:

  • Rishi 2.0 – the rebooted version
  • Rogue Rishi
  • Rishi Thatcher
  • … and Racist Rishi

Claiming that the only way to win a Conservative Leadership election is to be racist and a sexual predator, the agency then goes on to suggest that Rishi Sunak “never mention the wife” and achieve at least one sexual contest.

Marketing Expert Jereboam van Justification said that the rebrand was “quite daring” and offered Mr Sunak multiple ways forward:

Obviously all of this is in line with Rishi Sunak’s brand values. Looking at it holistically, the core of his whole programme is very much aligned to those core tenets of the Conservative Party – hating foreigners, being a sex pest, disliking the poor. This is very much the north star for Sunak. This rebrand is bold, it’s daring, it’s going to make everyone forget about the parties and the rich list.


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