The woke loony left have got it into their tiny minds that we should be imposing a Windfall Tax upon energy companies. They’ve been all over Twitter and calling into James O’Brien’s Dial-a-Woke radio show demanding that we tax these companies to the hilt in order to do what – feed people who can’t even cook a boeuf bourguignon?

The leaders of these companies are good, honest British businessmen. Job creators! Are we punishing our job creators because they’ve done what they’re employed to do and make some money?

Look, for instance, at Alistair Phillips-Davies. His humble salary of £2.4m is barely enough to provide for his gardener, his nanny and his cooks. What would he do if a windfall tax were levied upon his company? He may be forced to cut down on his patisserie chef and ask his gardener to stop mowing the garden weekly and instead move to bi-weekly. How could he possibly pay his au pair should the wokists get their way and seize his assets?

Keith Anderson at Scottish Power only earns a measly £373,000 a year, making him a minnow of the CEO world. How would he pay for his daughter’s school fees if the loony tax brigade got their way?

What about British Gas CEO Chris O’Shea, by all accounts a most lovely man who earns a mere £700,000 a year? Chris has been working from his mansion while graciously giving up his office space to more needy staff members. Would have to downsize to a ten-bedroom house instead? Would he have to scale back to a house without a scullery?

It’s time that we started looking after our job creators, not only for their precarious mental health, but because it’s for the good of the country.

So when you’re queuing up at the food bank, be grateful that you’re being given food, you wokist oiks. Be grateful that someone like Chris O’Shea has chucked a tin of beans into the box at Waitrose, and instead of complaining that you can’t pay for the gas in order to heat those beans, perhaps light a little candle for these CEOs whose hard graft and kindness is the reason your gas bills are not multiplying a thousand times over.

When you’re hungry, think of Alistair Phillips-Davies having to make cut-backs to his staff, tearful at the idea of asking his gardener to cut down from 5 days a week to 4, distraught at the idea of losing his patisserie chef.

And realise that they are working to make this country great again while you’re just taking, taking, taking.


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