Conservative Councillors around the country have joined together to deny the existence of Boris Johnson and portray him as a ‘wokerati invention to smear the name of the Convervative Party’.

A leaflet posted through doors in Hartlepool by the local Conservative councillor alerted locals to the ‘wokist’ conspiracy theory that a certain Mr Boris Johnson may be the UK Prime Minister. It read:

This Thursday, don’t believe the Labour-led wokerati conspiracy theory that our Prime Minister is a comedian called Boris Johnson. He does not exist. This character is an elitist plot by the MSM to smear the good name of local Conservatives around the country who are putting in the hard hours to make this country grate again.

When we contacted the local councillor, we were delighted to be called Mainstream Media, but putting that aside, we questioned her on the theory that Johnson did not exist.

This is typical of you MSM types, you elitists. You should be reporting about what Prime Minister Theresa May is doing for this country, not pushing forward this revolting slur that she resigned and was replaced by some kind of mop-headed buffoon!

There is evidence, however, that the Conservative message is getting through to the local populace. Residents of Hartlepool, fresh from hanging a French monkey, have already formed a “Boris Hoax” facebook group where they exchange stories about how the Mainstream Media is duping people into believing in the existence of a ‘Boris Johnson’.

Hartlepool resident and checkout operator Stella Hovercraft wrote on the group:

This goes really deep. They’ve been using this playbook for years now. It all fits together if you think about it. There’s Johnson, there’s COVID, the 5G masts popping up around the country spreading this disinformation into our homes. It goes way back. They claim that this Johnson was actually the Mayor of London, but when I did my research on the internet, I couldn’t find anything about it other than some MSM reports that have clearly been made up. Look at the timestamps on the photographs. They’ve only appeared in the last few months. I didn’t know about it at the time, so it can’t have been true.

When quizzed about Boris Johnson’s visit to the town and his photograph with the councillor in question, the group responded that the photograph is clearly photoshopped and then blocked us.


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