Socialist uneducated grandmother of ten Angela Rayner has been putting on quite the leggy display of late. The seductive leftie flashed her pins in parliament and caused sensitive Tory hearts to go all a-flutter, so we asked our readers whether they have been affected by Angela Rayner’s legs – and the reaction was stunning!

Here’s our readers’ letters:

Darren Embezzlement, Croydon

I was driving home yesterday evening on the M25 when I suddenly had a vision of that socialist tart’s pair of delicious legs and I lost control of my vehicle and ended up causing a pile-up that resulted in multiple injuries and several hours’ delay. All this because Angela Rayner can’t sit still and stop flashing her legs at everyone like Kenny Everett used to on the telly, like. Why can’t she sit further back? Why does she have to parade her pins? She’s causing accidents, that woman.

Ursula Cowsick, Upper Basildon

Oh, that awful wretched woman. I had settled down for a nice cup of tea in front of Daily Politics with my husband Osbaldiston as we always do around midday after our luncheon, and the sight of Angela Rayner crossing and uncrossing her legs suddenly sent poor Osbaldiston into a trance. I’m afraid he’s been staring at the television ever since, unable to move, unable to utter a single word. I’ve had doctors round, I’ve consulted the local herbologist, and nary a solution to our predicament! He’s still sat there, right now, open-jawed and drooling.

He’s not the only one, you know. I’ve heard of many men Osbaldiston’s age who are unable to cope with Angela Rayner’s legs. She should put them away, simple as that. Typical socialist, she just doesn’t care about anyone else.

Greenwich Merriden, Uttoxeter

We had an infestation of Angela Rayner legs in our loft last week. You can tell they’re proper Rayners because they keep fluttering their legs in the air and they’re red and everything. Well, I got in Rentokil but they said that unless I’m a Tory, they’re not going to consider my case and I said well I did vote for Boris, but they asked for membership and I said I can’t afford that and they said well you’re going to have to put up with these Angela Rayner legs in your loft unless you can prove you’re part of a protected minority like the Tory Party.

So I can’t even go upstairs now, I’ve had to shut the door and everything just so I don’t see the Angela Rayner legs in the loft. I had a local guy come in to fumigate the place but they’re just getting more boisterous.

Next thing you know they’ll be stealing my hard-earned money.


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